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(14 July, 2000)

I am now taking Lipitor (r) or (tm) or whatever, a drug that works on one, count ’em one, liver enzyme. That isn’t all it does, of course. Some people have side effects from it, and many have more than just the limited set of effects one would expect from that one enzyme. (Usually, the extra effects are highly desirable, and Lipitor is rapidly becoming the most fashionable of the statins, a relatively recent series of anticholesterol drugs.)

My cholesterol, frankly, isn’t that bad (232/52 as of last week), but I have some issues that complicate the matter. The first is a family history that puts me at risk. (My father died of his third heart attack.) The second is the mild beginnings of arteriosclerosis in my internal carotid arteries, a condition I will be entirely pleased to reverse, thank you. (This is where the Lipitor comes in.)

In addition to Lipitor, I will probably be taking traditional Chinese herbs, once I find a traditional Chinese doctor. My brother had a really great one, but he was in San Francisco, and was ancient when I met him a decade or two back; he’s no longer living.

On other fronts, very fortunately, my general condition seems to be rather good. I need to get more exercise, and I should probably be going to bed a bit earlier...

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