My Erstwhile Job with The Joss Research Institute

After two years (mid-1997 to mid-1999) on my most recent contract at Microsoft, working on the IIS 4.0 Resource Kit and then the IIS 5.0 Resource Guide, I was asked by The Joss Institute to become a full-time Research Technologist for three to six months on a trial basis.

The work at Microsoft was challenging, stimulating, and good; I was in an excellent group, with thoughtful interesting people. Working with the IIS engineering and development teams was also good: the developers are a good crew.

...But we came to the end of the cycle for what I was doing, and the Institute’s offer was one I couldn’t turn down: I had been trying for over two decades to figure out how I could find exactly such a job, and had gotten noplace, so when it landed in my lap I leapt upon it with all sixteen feet. Since late November, 1999, I have been in Laurel, MD. Here I get to do research of various small sorts, and learn many things. It is truly and abundantly joyous. Moreover, it is the only job I’ve ever had that I really truly fit.

For now, I am working on pottery, lasers, technical ceramics (at least on a small scale), and one or two other things.

Several people have asked me to log my activities in these areas, and I’m making at least some effort to do so. If you want to see what I’m up to, you can find me on Facebook, check my Dreamwidth or Livejournal blog, or look for recent additions to a journal about some of my research.

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