When I wrote this page, I had about 300 roses.

I know, it’s a sickness.

What can I say? I like the way they smell. I even like the way some of them grow. You wouldn’t know it to look at most ordinary rosebushes, which are kinda gawky without their flowers, but there are roses that are extremely beautiful in any season. ‘La Mortola’, for example. You have to have space for it (the plant is huge), and it will only grow in fairly mild climates; still, there are pleasant rosebushes for most areas, always depending on your taste in shrubs and the like.

[NOTE, added much later: my holdings have been devastated again and again, and I have very few roses now. I am extremely upset, but there isn’t much I can do about it, at least at the moment.]

If and when I get more time, I will put more rose info into this page; for the moment, I think I am going to start with a short list of extremely fragrant roses (not in alphabetical order) and perhaps a wee bit of information about acquiring them.

I think I shall stop here for the moment. (I have 54 pages of these, and that seems a bit excessive, though I do hope to add to this list as time permits, and you already know I’m off my rocker on this subject, so you can expect this page to become a bit top-heavy.)

Side note: if you root a cutting of one of these, give it a few seasons to develop full color and fragrance. Some will be quicker than others; I’ve had ‘Russelliana’ take 3 years to attain full fragrance.

With regard to other plants, I am growing several kinds of hot peppers: ‘Czech Black’, ‘Manzano’ Rocoto; ‘Red Savina’ Habanero (THERE IS NO TILDE IN THAT WORD! It has to do with Havana. There’s no tilde in ‘Havana’, either!); a nonhot Habanero variety loosely known as ‘Ajicito’; some fluted yellow thing with a flowery fragrance that reminds me of marigolds and is probably ‘Aji Limon’; etc. I also grow an orchid or two, and various other fruit or vegetable things, along with a few fragrant flowers of various sorts.

For those interested in the odd bit of fun, I commend Unusual Fruits Worthy of Attention, by Lee Reich. I’d mention some more Web sites, but they are easy enough to find, and there are zillions of ’em.

CRL is the Combined Rose List, by Bev Dobson and Peter Schneider. It is available from Peter. You should be able to find info about it on the Web, but if you have trouble, please send me email and I will be happy to furnish a pointer. CRL is issued in March of each year (or at least used to be), and sells out fairly quickly, so it’s a good idea to get your order in swiftly when the time comes.

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