(It says, “in the fullness of time”)

When people were writing Insular Majuscule, which is what I've approximated here, they didn't punctuate much (if at all), and they didn't separate the words. Of course, at that time there really wasn't any English as we now know it, and they wrote in Latin with occasional glosses in Anglo-Saxon or maybe Irish, depending on who and where they were.

If you want to see a good example, find a book that contains photographs of pages from The Book of Kells, The Book of Lindisfarne, or something of that order. Those Books were written in Insular Majuscule, Irish Half-Uncial, and the like, generally in the period from about 700 CE to maybe 900 CE. Apparently, the scribes used to draw lines on the pages so they could keep their lettering straight and even, but this hand seems to want to behave itself fairly well even without help.

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