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Historical Origins

[Note: I have been obliged to edit this page to fit some changed circumstances. For example, it linked to a journal that I was writing on a server that no longer exists. That journal was more or less a research record at the time when I was starting this journal, because originally this journal handled the personal side of things. If you care, you can find it at this location. It is greatly out of date...]

There is, for me, something delicious about even being able to sustain a journal, albeit intermittently and irregularly. For a long time I tried, sporadically, to do something of this sort, on paper and for myself, and failed every time. When I was, in 1994, diagnosed with ADHD and put on Ritalin, it didn’t immediately occur to me to try again; but when I became involved in pottery toward the end of the following year, I found myself jotting some notes. I’m still jotting notes about the pottery (and other things), and when I decided to start this online journal I had 8 volumes of them. At that time I had gone as long as two or three weeks without making an entry, which would have promptly put the kibosh on any attempt at this BDR (“before diagnosis and Ritalin”), but which has much less effect now.

[Note, added February 2013: I have not written in that journal for quite a few months now, as it got disarrayed and then my life got scrambled; but I hope to get it restarted at some point.]

While I was at Joss Research, I posted nearly all of my work to the JRI site, which I have archived here; but the Institute is being disbanded, and that must change. Meanwhile, my personal journal has been (and still is) at LiveJournal or Dreamwidth. (They carry identical content.)

I think that as of Issue #5 of this journal it will primarily concern itself with my research, perhaps as a parallel to the “TJIIRRS” pages that I wrote for the Institute; I will continue to use LJ and DW for personal writings.

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