This index seems to have gotten mangled at some point; as of early January, 2019. I have not yet had time to reconstruct it.

Some previous work: this bowl, and the glaze on it, and this cup.

Early Publications:

I had an article in the December, 2004 issue of Studio Potter, about copying one of the Song dynasty Chinese glazes, another in the May-June, 2005 issue of Clay Times, about fluorescent glazes, and one in the November, 2012 issue of Ceramics Technical Magazine that was primarily about using the colloidal gold pigment in high fire glazes. [As of early 2019, their site seems to be in some disarray, and I am not finding more information, or even an issue number.]

Contact Information:

Email: my first name [only 3 letters; no “H”], at the domain that appears in the URL of this page.

My phone number is +1 240 604 4495.

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