Bazilian Recipes: Cranberries

Bazilian Cranberry Relish



Pour cranberries into a bowl of cold water. Remove mushy-squishies and sinkers. Remove cranberries to blender or food-processor, draining well in the process.

Disassemble pomegranate and run all the lovely nibs through a sieve, collecting the dark-red juice. If you want 8 million pomegranate trees, plant the seeds that stay behind. (Addendum: I was over at my ex-wife’s place a while ago, making a glaze for a ham she had, and I needed to juice a pomegranate. When I asked her for a sieve, she told me she didn’t have one that big, and suggested that I try juicing the pomegranate essentially the same way one juices a lemon: cut it in half and squeeze the halves, pushing them together to keep at least some of the seeds in. This worked extremely well, and is likely to become my standard method in future. She wass very good, my ex.)

Pour the pomegranate liquid into the blender (food-processor) with the cranberries. If you are not going to cook this into a sauce, add the rosewater now. If you are going to cook the stuff, hold the rosewater for later.

Grind, adding honey to taste. If you aren’t cooking it, it’s done. If you are, proceed. When it cools back down to room temperature, add the rosewater.


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