Landing the Grob 103 in X-Plane

Hi, Bill. Here are the two screenshots. If you click either of the small images, you’ll get the 1280x1024 original.


Left image: the Grob, on approach to Lake Tahoe, rw 18. I generally keep the plane in about the same orientation all the way in from here. You’ll notice that the airspeed is hovering close to the yellow triangle mark; that seems to work fairly well, though I do deviate from it sometimes.

Right image: it’s time to put out the spoilers. (I also need to correct the attitude — I’ve managed to get tilted a bit to the right.)

The New Scenery

It appears that my machine isn’t quite powerful enough to deal with the new scenery. To be frank, it also isn’t quite powerful enough to deal with the old scenery, and I’m thinking about getting a better machine. Anyway, here’s what I saw when I tried to land at Lake Tahoe, earlier this evening:

(I’m coming at it from the other side this time, but you can clearly tell that there has been a huge change, entirely aside from The Mystery Rift.)



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