Interim Research Reports

The Joss Research Institute

  1. Recent Ceramic Happenings, early Spring, 2005

  2. Yohen Tenmoku and a plant note or two, late April, 2005

  3. Bringing up the Molectron Nitrogen Laser

  4. Results of a Late Spring Δ10 Gas Reduction Firing

  5. Thoughts About High-Performance Nitrogen Lasers, with a set of follow-on pages in which I actually try to do something about it.

  6. (Report #6 was on hold for several years; the information from it has since been published as an article in Ceramics Technical magazine. The appendices that didn’t fit in the issue are on this page.)

  7. “Platzepuss”: An electric-powered radio-control motorized Platz-Gleiter model (Work in progress, currently on hold while I deal with other issues.)

  8. The Hughes “M-60” rangefinder laser (Likewise on hold for a bit.)

  9. An Ultraviolet Laser Dye

  10. Inexpensive Laser Dyes for Do-It-Yourselfers, with follow-ons about pumping and tuning

  11. A brief report on ways to construct a dye cuvette for nitrogen- or excimer- laser pumping

  12. A simple and straightforward 5" refracting RFT built from surplus lenses, PVC pipe (or leftover wood veneer), and a few other things...

  13. Some Handy Techniques, including a mirror mount that is entirely built from pieces you can buy at a hardware store and a hobby shop...

  14. An RGB “White Light” dye laser using a single cuvette of dye solution...

  15. Toward a Simple and Straightforward Lamp-pumped Organic Dye Laser, Part 1: initial proof of principle (with follow-ons that take it several stages further)

  16. A Hollow-Cathode Laser Design for the DIYer

  17. More work with Translucent Porcelain

  18. Handy Techniques for Fountain/Calligraphy Pens

  19. A Voss (Töpler-Holtz) Electrostatic Generator

  20. The Elusive Red Temmoku Glaze (I should note that I am talking about something different from what most potters mean when they use the term “Red Temmoku”.)

  21. A DIY look at spark gaps for switching high voltages

  22. Adventures with a Commercial Excimer-Laser Head

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